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Apple MacBook Air MD231LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop Review – Tech Specs and Price Comparison

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Much like any other product released by Apple, the MacBook Air MD231LL/A laptop is highly expensive. The product is currently sold on Amazon for $1,129.97 and while some people may be tempted to think the device is worth all the money, we decided to take it for a spin before jumping to conclusions. We will present in what follows the main features that have captured our attention during the trial period.

The look of the laptop has remained more or less unchanged as the MacBook Air MD231LL/A is a true reflection of Apple’s well-known brand image. If you don’t like white devices, then this product may not be the right gadget for you. Despite the impractical color, the laptop is yet, very elegant due to its sleek and polished components. The keyboard, for instance, was definitely made out of high-end resistant materials, judging by their look and feel, whereas the 13.3-inch LED screen was back-lit for increased comfort.

  • Interesting, well-built design
  • Good performance during regular activities
  • Weak components
  • Too pricey for its category.

Moving on to the tech specifications of the device, we were pleasantly surprised by the results that the MacBook Air MD231 LL/A has registered in spite of the fact that the product is not the most advanced. The 128 GB storage capacity is rather small compared to the performance of other devices, so don’t expect the MacBook to store too many files. In case you need extra space, you can supplement it with an external hard drive.

The memory capacity (4 GB) didn’t knock us off our feet, either, as we’ve tested more advanced devices before. The laptop had a good performance despite these somewhat outdated features and we were able to perform various activities at the same time without any delays or blocks. The fact that there were no errors registered during tests was a far bigger surprise considering that the manufacturer has embedded a weak processor 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 to the laptop.

All in all, we think Apple’s MacBook Air MD231LL/A has good performance for day to day activities, such as, writing, surfing the Internet, modifying pictures in Adobe Photoshop and playing music and video files, but the price is a little bit bigger than the usual tariffs. With a little bit of effort, customers can easily find an all-purpose product that can be purchased for a smaller cost.

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