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Apple iPhone 4, 16GB, Verizon Full Review and Consumer Feedback

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It might not be the latest new toy from Apple, but iPhone 4 remains a great piece of technology, which thanks to its more recent brothers, is now a lot more affordable. It was state of the art at the release date in 2010 and its tech specs remain appealing, particularly for buyers interested in quality at an affordable price. Apple iPhone 4, 16GB, Verizon now sells for $399.98 on Amazon, down from $599.99. The cheapest iPhone 4 starts selling at $199.00 (used) or new at $349.99.

Most people will buy Apple iPhone 4 to replace a stolen similar phone temporarily or to actually gift it to family members for Christmas or for birthdays and other special events. It is an investment that still remains a strain for buyers on a budget, so even if it’s not the latest iPhone, iPhone 4 remains a top-notch choice with great tech specs and a brand that still gets buyers thrilled.

  • Turns into a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Better everything compared to 3GS
  • Very affordable for an iPhone device
  • Upgradable to iOS 6
  • No 4G
  • Faulty reception on AT&T and Verizon
  • No Siri
  • Home screen limited to 12 apps

Reviews agree that Apple iPhone 4 Verizon is just as good as (if not even better than) the AT&T model. It’s basically the same phone at a first look, but there are some small details that make the difference. For instance, Apple iPhone 4 Verizon runs on the phone carrier’s CDMA network and because Apple had to replace all GSM radio antennas it might feel a bit trickier to grab without worrying it’s going to slip out of your hand.

On the overall, iPhone 4 brings major upgrades from the 3GS predecessor, as Apple improved the camera quality (5MP, 720pHD video recording, 30 frames per second with audio), the design, the processor and brought new features to the table. iPhone 4 is fast without a doubt and performs very well when it comes to gaming and even multitasking with an Apple A4 1GHz Cortex-A8. Battery life is also a perk with up to 300 hours in stand-by, up to 14 hours in talk time and up to 40 hours in music play.

If you’ve been waiting for iPhone to get appealing, both in terms of tech specs and price affordability, you can start testing the brand with iPhone 4, although the caveats should make you want to wait for iPhone 4S to get cheaper.

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