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If someone asked you what brand first comes in mind when you hear/read/see the word “smartphone”, I’m ready to bet most of you will say iPhone. Basically, if it hadn’t been for Apple’s aggressive marketing, the smartphone market as we know it today would have been a lot different. Like that of the netbooks that only now (four-five years after the first release) are able to actually deliver a fast web browsing experience.

This is one is obviously for the app fan. iPhone 5 is the best smartphone around if you’re interested in gaining access to more apps one could ever use in a lifetime. There are 775,000 iOS apps available in App Store, which have been downloaded 40 billion times since the release of the store in 2008. The Apple unlocked version of iPhone 5 is the desirable version of this popular device, although that means paying at least $700 (on Amazon). Since most people interested in buying an iPhone 5 don’t have the several hundred dollars upfront, they’d rather buy it from a carrier with a two-year contract that looks a lot more convenient.

Tech specs for iPhone 5 are really impressive. At 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 inches and 3.95 oz, iPhone 5 is light and elegant (slightly bigger but slimmer than the 4S) and it’s basically fun to use since it was designed to power-boost all your app usage and data transfer.  It runs on iOS 6 and a dual-core 1.2 GHz CPU with triple-core graphics and the Retina Display offers a 326ppi pixel density. That means iPhone 5’s LCD screen is 21 percent bigger than iPhone 4S, but it still is smaller than Galaxy SIII and Nokia Lumia 920.

  • Access to an ever-growing number of apps: 775,000 and still counting
  • Mesmerizing design with aluminum instead of plastic like most Android devices
  • The front-facing camera has been updated from VGA quality to 1.2MP
  • Home button sensitivity has been improve to reduce the fail rate
  • Dedicated Twitter and Facebook settings

Apple promises its latest iPhone is the best smartphone, yet it’s impossible not to notice the huge number of buyers complaining the battery life on this device is horrible. The 1140mAh Li-Ion battery should last for 225h of stand-by or 8 hours of calls, but since iPhone is used mostly for apps, the battery runs dry pretty soon so you might want to invest in an iPhone 5 battery case.

  • The factory unlocked version is too pricey for most buyers
  • Battery life issues and poor LTE coverage on Sprint and AT&T
  • The new Lightning port makes older accessories for iPhone useless

iPhone 5 is an impressive device, but if you are looking for a factory unlocked smartphone, for the $700 price tag you’d be better off buying a Samsung Galaxy SIII. You might not have the same number of apps available in Android, but that’s an ever-growing database too. Instead you’d get a device that delivers good coverage, excellent voice call quality, NFC support, a bigger screen and a more convenient price.

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