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Best Price for Fujifilm X100S – Full Features,Review and Product Description

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Fujifilm has just announced the release of their new model, X100S and the digital camera has already landed on the third spot in Amazon’s Top 20 Best Sellers. The device has aroused the curiosity of tech reviewers and customers alike, who can hardly wait to get their hands on Fujifilm’s new digital camera.

Based on the description provided by the manufacturer, the successor of FinePix X100 has been endowed with amazing features that guarantee the best results even for less experienced photographers. The digital camera hasn’t been tested by any of our editors, so we will just compare the tech specifications of the Fuji FinePix X100S to the ones of the previous model (X100).

  • APS-C 16 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS II sensor.
  • Attractive retro design.
  • Auto and manual focus.
  • Fuji X100S is an expensive digital camera ($1,299.95).
  • The 23mm F2 lens cannot be replaced with a more advanced lens.

The price of the digital camera is a little bit more expensive than the ones we have reviewed so far ($1,299.95), but there’s a good explanation for that: Fuji X100S has an APS-C 16 Megapixel X-Trans CMOS II sensor with OLPF-less architecture. The sensor, together with the fixed 23mm F2 lens, delivers outstanding image quality that recalls the performance of the rangefinder cameras.

The autofocus (AF) has caused various problems to customers who have bought the older version of camera, so the company made various efforts to improve this feature. In fact, the manufacturer has added on-chip phase detection to the current model; thus, improving the autofocus speed. Users, who like to control their own cameras can resort to two manual focus aids: the EVF or LCD that outlines in-focus elements and the “Digital Split Image Focusing” display that create focus by using the data from the phase detection sensor.

Fuji remains loyal to its small LCD screen, which explains why the X100S has a 2.8 inches screen, whereas the majority of the modern cameras have already exceeded the 3-inch limit. Even so, the LCD display has been provided with numerous facilities that will enable users to easily set their cameras and snap photos. The shutter, aperture and speed exposure can be set with the help of the analogue dials. Fuji FinePix X100S is the fastest camera as it only takes a 0.01 shutter lag between pictures.

The technical features were not the only ones that impressed us; the first leaked images revealed us that the Fuji X100S preserves the retro look of the previous model. The camera has a compact shape and the rubber-like cover offers a good grip. The model is made out of magnesium alloy and is available only in one style.

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