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Canon EOS Rebel T4i Review – Full Features, Price Comparison

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Canon EOS Rebel T4i is a professional camera that offers a wide range of options and shooting modes. These advantages come with a price, however: the product is much more expensive than a nonprofessional camera or a low-end device.

We have decided to describe Canon EOS Rebel T4i because the device is currently on sale on Amazon. Its price has been significantly dropped from around $800 to $649.00 and we figured our visitors might want to get the product’s full description so they won’t miss out the latest deal.

  • Good image and video quality.
  • The Live View shooting has been significantly improved.
  • Advanced professional features
  • The price reflects the high-end product features.
  • Rough design.

As expected, the digital camera’s main assets are the good quality images and videos. The Live View shooting option is much better now than it used to be on the T3i model. The user gets an 18 Megapixel sensor and a DIGIC 5 Image Processor that will deliver exceptional image quality and speed. The camera was originally provided with an 18-55mm EF-S IS II lens, but we strongly recommend the 18-135mm STM kit for improved performances.

There is a wide range of light sensitivity, more specifically from 100 to 12800, so professional photographers can set their imagination free and capture any images they like. The 5 fps speed will most likely come in handy, especially when they need to take pictures of moving objects or people.

The video settings have been improved, as well. Similar to the T3i model, the latest Rebel can register 1080p HD videos, but it also features stereo sound quality. The 3-inches screen can be articulated according to the user’s needs and preferences to easily snap photos and record videos. Moreover, it is a lot easier to control because it is a touch screen.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i sports advanced features, such as, wireless flash that enables photographers to arrange the light in the scene to recreate the desired effects. Given the touch screen, the wireless flash and the numerous features that the DSLR has been provided with, it is to be expected that the life of the battery will be somewhat shorter than the one of the previous model, T3i. In fact, the EOS rebel T4i can take only 440 shots, whereas the T3i could resist up to 470 shots.

The design of the camera hasn’t suffered too many modifications. It is a large camera (3.1 x 5.3 x 3.9 inches; 1.2 pounds), yet it is made out of plastic, so it is a lot lighter than other models. The Canon EOS Rebel T4i is an expensive model featuring highly advanced options; therefore, it is not recommended for buyers who want basic cameras.

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