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Canon PowerShot G15 Review: Tech Specifications and Price Comparison

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Released two years after its predecessor, Canon PowerShot G12, the G15 model marked a big leap in the manufacturer’s list of products. The newer version boasts many improved features that make it the right choice for professional photographers.

Similarities still remain in point of shape and design. Canon PowerShot G15 is slightly smaller than the G12 measuring 4.4 x 3 x 1.6 and weighing 12.4 ounces. The controls, however, might cause trouble to the users as the buttons seem to have been stacked on the top and right sides of the device. Also, the controls seem to be a little bit more rigid than they used to be, so they might seem hard to handle.

While differences may not be very noticeable on the outside, on the inside, the G15 is a far cry from the previous models. The DSLR has been foreseen with an incredible 28-140mm lens, so the image quality is very good, regardless of the shooting mode you select. The 12.1-Megapixel CMOS sensor is a perfect match for the lens because it increases the camera’s performance.

The photos we have snapped to test the ISO sensitivity of the G15 gave us many more reasons to think that the camera is worth purchasing. The ISO range has been expanded to 12800, but take it from us: you will rarely use the camera at the highest ISO level. JPEGs remained sharp and clear up to ISO 200 and even 400 if you are not a pixel peeper. Noise and artifacts become visible at higher levels, so the ISO 12800 is definitely not recommended.

The 28-140mm lens does all the work, so you don’t have to worry that images will turn out pixelated. The image is sharp and vivid whether you take pictures or record videos. The G15 supports 1080p Full HD video and has a dedicated movie button for ease of use as opposed to the G12 which can only support 720/24p movies.

We were particularly impressed by the shooting speed of the camera. The DSLR takes up to 10 frames per second, which explains the remarkable results that the device has registered while shooting fast moving subjects, such as, playing kids and pets. The battery life is one small drawback in the performance of the camera, but it shouldn’t cause users too much trouble.

Canon PowerShot G15 is definitely a product I would recommend considering that it delivers highly qualitative images and it has been provided with some of the most advanced features. The product is only $449.00 on Amazon, so interested customers should definitely give this product a try.

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