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Dell Inspiron i15R-1633sLV Review: Product Description and Recommendation

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Dell’s notebook, Inspiron i15R-1633sLV was launched in October 2012, but we didn’t get to test it until the beginning of the year. Luckily, a new model arrived at our office and we got the opportunity to test it and see what the laptop is really capable of.

When it comes to testing laptops we like to take our time and see whether the device can perform various types of activities from regular office duties to more stimulating activities. As a result, Dell Inspiron i15R-1633sLV has been our most reliable tool in the past two weeks. What we liked most about Dell was its large screen (15.6 inches) which enabled us to easily accomplish all our Adobe Photoshop and design duties.

The 6 GB provided by the manufacturer have proven sufficient for most of the activities we have performed (and believe us, there have been plenty of task duties). However, there are far more advanced devices on the market, foreseen with 1TB memory, so Dell’s laptop is clearly not a top-notch gadget. The processor (2.4 GHz Core i3-2370M) isn’t the best, either, but at least the graphics coprocessor (Intel® HD Graphics 3000 (SB)) is not integrated and this makes a huge difference in the laptop’s overall behavior.

  • Good performance
  • Accessible price
  • Average components
  • Low GPU features

The 750 GB space is enough for anybody who uses the laptop to work from home, to play average games and to listen to music or watch movies. If there are many people using the computer, you may need an external hard drive for all your files and documents. Yet, Dell’s Inspiron is great for multitasking activities because we did not experience any unpleasant errors as we surfed the Internet, listened to music and administered the website’s content.

Inspiron is a Windows 7-based laptop even though the product was launched shortly after Windows 8 was released. We might seem outdated, but we really liked the operating system that Dell chose for the laptop, especially since Windows 8 does not operate to its full capacity without a touch screen.

The device is available at online retailers for $400, but it is only available in one color: silver. Its dimensions are 2.10 x 30 x 18.30 inches (L x W x H) and it weighs 6.1 pounds. Our conclusion is that Dell Inspiron i15R-1633sLV has a very good performance and should be taken into consideration by customers who don’t want to compromise quality for pittance.

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