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Fuhu Nabi 2 (7-inch) Review – Best Priced Tablet for your children

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It’s not any longer just the adults who want/need tablets. Kids are more and more tech savvy and a tablet could be just what they need to learn more about everything from a very young age. Parents usually spend hours reading review after review, looking for tablets that give their children both educational and entertainment options, are both durable and on top of everything affordable.

Let’s be blunt here: buying your kid a$500 iPad is basically throwing money out the window. Most kids will start using the tablet by themselves pretty soon, even before they get to learn that a gadget doesn’t sit well with water, juice or baby food (drool) on it. So, if you’re in the market for tablets for children, the first place to start is durability.

  • The 10.10 x 7.10 x 3.20 inches tablet weighs 2.7 pounds.
  • The battery life on Fuhu Nabi 2 lasted for 7 hours and 42 minutes while playing a video at maximum screen brightness and Wi-Fi switched on.

Fuhu Nabi 2 is the 2nd generation tablet from a company that has been delivering educational online services. At $199.99, Fuhu Nabi 2 (7-inch) is a kids’ tablet that can withstand a toddler’s curiosity and heavy playing without much concern thanks to the thick rubber layer than surrounds it and the shatter-proof 1024x600p touch screen.

Although most tablets for children look and run like rubber toys, Fuhu Nabi 2 is the kind of tablet that actually packs some power. Fuhu Nabi 2 comes with 1GB of RAM and a powerful 1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3.0 quad-core CPU as well as the speedy Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). You’ve got wireless syncing, a TV channel that can be streamed online, 8GB of internal storage and 2 GB free cloud storage that can be expanded to up to 50GB.

Fuhu Nabi 2 might be a tablet for children, but it performs so surprisingly fast and strong that it could easily stand out in a review for 7-inch adult tablets. Designed as an educational tool for children, Fuhu Nabi 2 can easily become a tablet for an adult, if you take away the rubber protection.

For the most part, parents look at tablets for children as toys and from this point of view Fuhu Nabi 2 might be a bit too expensive. But if you are looking for a well-performing, durable and reliable tablet for your children , Fuhu Nabi 2 (7 inch) is as best as they come (for now, at least).

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